February 23, 2008 at 1:31 pm (Candy) (, )

Just to get you all posting comments mainly!

I (as in Simon) will make up a goody bag of papers, cardstock and embellishments (in a colour theme of the winner’s chosing) for the winner.

How to enter?

It is too late now!  Sorry!


  1. kathy_S said,

    Well I thought I would start the rush off.

    You really are determined to get me caught in blog land. Looks as though I shall have to succumb soon.

    Thanks for your generosity in organising this “candy” prize.


  2. Shaz said,

    making my comment Simon 🙂 oh and i lurve candy i have a very sweet tooth 🙂 xx

  3. Jane Willis said,

    Thank you Simon, you are really getting this blog off to a flying start


  4. louisec said,

    Oooh, blog candy sounds scrummy.

    Didn’t realise the first podcast was so soon – can’t wait!

  5. Angie said,

    The blog is looking great Simon and oooh, did someone mention Blog Candy??? I love candy

  6. Hels said,

    I really love candy
    and it comes in very handy
    Cos if I make a book
    For you to take a look
    and leave me all fine and dandy


  7. Bee said,

    Love the blog Simon, you sure know how to keep us happy. Like the sound of blog candy too, could this be another addiction coming my way??

  8. Greer said,

    From little acorns this forum is growing into a mighty oak tree Simon, glad to be part of it.
    Big hugs x

  9. lesleyanne said,

    well done simon this should get everyone having a look x

  10. Linda said,

    am loving the blog Simon, and as for the possibility of blog candy……………….. black of course………who could resist 🙂

  11. fifi said,

    how exciting :o)

  12. Rachelp said,

    Well done Simon. Love the blog. Great idea to have the challenges together.

  13. Jozza said,

    Whoopee!!! Blog candy? BLOG CANDY???? Sounds FAB! You’ve gotta be in it to win it so I’m in it!! Great blog Simon! xxx

  14. brasidas'wife said,

    I am really loiving all the craft blogs, especially this one. I need to build one of my own, I think. Well done! And as for the prize….Thank you and I am sure whoever wins will love it.

    Di xxx

  15. Wacky Jacky said,

    Oh naughty Simon………..getting us all excited about Blog Candy!! Now, wonder who the lucky person is going to be???? btw great Blog.

  16. Sammy mac said,

    I love these blogs……………..can’t do one for myself, so I’m making the most from everyone elses. Blog candy too………what more can a girl ask for?

  17. Joy said,

    Wow! great blog Simom and candy too? Yummy! I want to start my own blogsoon looking forward to the Podcast
    craftyjoy xx

  18. Turnidus said,

    Hi Simon – what a great idea this blog is. And you are a generous person offering a prize like this! 🙂

  19. duckling said,

    Thank you Simon , I am learning all the time but as fast as I learn , you come up with something new .Never going to get bored , and BLOG CANDY too 😀

  20. weelynnie said,

    I love candy. Should really set up my own blog and I’m sure there is someone out there who could tell me how to.

  21. mrsspook said,

    Who doesn’t like candy???
    This is so much fun thnk you Simon, I can;t wait for the first podcast.

  22. Emerald Tigger said,

    I love candy………….Thanks Simon for organising this.

  23. jaynee said,

    I love the idea of our own forum blog Simon and candy..well that’s just a ‘sweet’ thing to do

  24. Purplepig said,

    How exciting!
    I’m a hog using a blog!!!!!!!

  25. She said,

    Hi Simon! I love candy – either sweet or crafting kind! 🙂 Well done on the Craft Challenge blog. Love it! xxx

  26. Anice said,

    I thought I would join in on this as well. I love blogging so I will be back regularly to see whats going on!
    Anice xx

  27. shazzapat said,

    How exciting Simon- it’s great to have our own blog :0)

  28. Hilmof said,

    What a brilliant idea – could do with some instructions as to how to take part.

    Well done Simon

  29. janeyc49 said,

    What a brilliant idea Simon plus I love the lure of candy 🙂 It is lovely to be able to see others work on their blogs, really will have to get myself genned up !

  30. Renniemac said,

    Hi Simon, love the idea of the blog candy, “Embassador Simon you really spoil us”.
    great site. and really excited about our up and comming first podcast. cant wait

  31. becky said,

    Brill idea Simon, I have a very sweet tooth lol! xx

  32. Irene said,

    great blog simon looking forward to the podcast now it looks like i might have to find out how to do a blog if i can find the time to do some crafting bits and pieces to put on it lol

  33. Joana said,

    well done Simon , thank you for all your hard work,
    do you ever sleep ?? 🙂
    always creating lovely places to come and chat ‘ home from home 🙂 , lovely web
    ****where is the candy ??? ****

  34. Pickleypoo said,

    Everytime I come on there’s something new – well done Simon for keeping it fresh – oh and I love candy too xxx

  35. Kazza said,

    Loving the new blog Simon. It’s become my first stop on my “blog-trotting” trips, it’s great having all the challenges in one place and the links to all my other favourite blogs. Can’t imagine life without CSF now, just spent the weekend away and the forum is my first port of call when I get home. Keep up the good work 🙂

  36. classylady60 said,

    Thought I’d join in the posts too. Love the forum, love the Blog…..and as for candy…..sssshhh don’t tell anyone… I love that too.

    Thanks for all you do Simon, where would us crafters be without CSF…. certainly a lot worse off without the friendship, the caring people and the chat…..keep up the good work, it can only go from strength to strength.


  37. Lydia said,

    Sshhhhhhh…. don’t shout about it or EVERYONE will want it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

    Yummy!! *_*

  38. Traceyw said,

    OOOOh, so soon. Blog looking good Simon, hope the candy has chocci on it.

  39. slinkyminx said,

    Blog-tastic Simon, keep forgetting csf has a blog so thanks for the bribing reminder lol, now where is that candy you mentioned lol

  40. TOPSYJANE said,

    a lovely idea Simon

  41. Donna said,

    ooo what a good idea .. i didnt no theer was this blog too i shall have to keep checking back.

  42. Ann-R said,

    OOOOh Simon – you’re not the Little Green Dragon anymore………..You’re The Candy Man……looking forward to the podcast……..thanks for all your hard work & giving us all a lovely place to meet, chat, swap & so much more!!

    Take care xx

  43. shaz m said,

    A little candy?
    ‘Oh what a dear’
    Trouble is it
    supersizes your rear.

  44. Witch said,

    Love the blog Simon & prefer this type of candy too.

  45. Karen_S said,


    What has happened to my technophobe mother (Kathy_S)? Seriously, she now wants her own blog!

    Well done Simon for setting the blog up. I’m sure it will be lots of fun for all of us CSF members to read/comment.

    Am I allowed to prefer the bad sort of candy? (it’s a secret as I teach in a ‘healthy’ school where all candy is not allowed!)


  46. ivyB (Wilma) said,

    A very classy looking blog Simon – its gonna be a great success!!!

  47. Gillian (Loopy Lou) said,

    Dear Simon this is clever
    You are getting us together
    To chat, to laugh, to create
    I think you are just great!

  48. SocksCat said,

    Thank you Simon for doing all this for us – we are all so excited!

  49. Lorraine3009 said,

    I am confused with all of these new and exciting things, what with podcasts, blogs and whatever else, it takes me all of my time to come onto the forum!. Anyway looking forward to it.

  50. csf2008 said,

    The draw has taken place

    Listen to the podcast to find out who won

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